Mental health in social context

Mental health and wellbeing is not just about personal emotions or relationships. It is closely tied to the larger society we live in. For us to truly feel well, society must provide fair chances to everyone, in areas like education, work, and housing. These are fundamental to our mental health. 

Feeling appreciated in our community is essential. When we are recognised and our contributions are valued, our confidence grows. Feeling connected to others, having friends, and taking part in group activities help us feel we belong. This is very good for our mental health. 

But society does not always treat older women fairly. Some may feel they are ignored or less important because of their age and gender. This can make many women feel lonely and sad, leading to high levels of unhappiness. And it’s essential to remember that safety is paramount: studies show that preventing violence against women is the most crucial step in ensuring good mental health.

Illustration in mental health social context

To truly support the wellbeing of older women, our society must:

  • Give everyone equal access to education, jobs, housing, and health services
  • Help women stay connected, make friends, and join group activities
  • Value and respect older women, so we can lead happy, full lives

By addressing these, we pave the way for a healthier, happier future for older women. 


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