Preserving women's independence and autonomy as we age

Independence and autonomy can have many different meanings for older women, depending on our situation. In its most basic form, it means being able to make decisions without unwanted influence, and to decide our own actions and decisions.

But one thing is true for us all: rather than meaning being alone, being independent makes it easier to be part of our community and society. Having independence means being able to enjoy the company of people we care about, to ask for help when we need it, and to join in on activities that bring meaning and joy to our lives. It also means that we are supported by a society that values us and provides the healthcare and services that we need. 

The topic of independence is particularly relevant to the lives of women as we age, and over the following sections we explore them in more detail and provide some resources you can go to for further advice. 

Link to women's independence in social context

Women's independence in social context

Link to finances and housing

Finances and housing

Link to mobility and risk of falling

Mobility and reducing the risk of falling

Link to making decisions

Making decisions about our lives