Eating for women's wellbeing as we age

Our bodies change as we get older, and so do our nutritional needs. Eating the right foods can boost our energy, strengthen our immune system, and help us feel better overall. Sharing meals with friends and family can enrich our relationship with food, reminding us of the joy in connections and the importance of food as both sustenance and celebration.  

For many older women, changes in how we look might also lead to feelings related to body image. It’s natural to notice differences, like wrinkles or shifts in body shape. These changes are simply markers of the experiences we’ve lived through. Recognising and accepting them as part of our unique journey is important to having a good relationship with our bodies.  

By prioritising our health and understanding our body’s evolving needs, we can pave the way for a stronger and happier older age. In the following sections, find information on having a positive relationship with food, eating for wellbeing, and understanding body image and eating disorders. 

Food in social context

Why is eating for wellbeing important?

A holistic approach to eating

Link to body image

Body image