Life after cancer

Much like being diagnosed with cancer, adjusting to life after cancer can be incredibly challenging. It is important to continue reaching out to support networks during this time – and creating new ones, as you adjust to this period of transition.

Support services

My Care Plan

My Care Plan is an initiative of Australian Cancer Survivorship and Peter Mac. It generates a plan that contains tailored information and allows you to explore topics relevant to you to discuss with your doctor.  

The care plan includes personalised information on treatments, short and long term effects of your treatment, symptoms to look out for, a follow-up plan, wellbeing advice and support and resources. 

Illustration in life after cancer

Cancer Council

Cancer Council Australia provides links to a number of locally based support services, as well as having information on returning to work after cancer. They also have online community groups for people diagnosed with cancer. 

One example is the Cancer Wellness Program at Cancer Council Victoria. It is a supportive care program that assists those moving on from clinical treatment and supports you to deal with life after cancer and back to self-management.

It also provides an opportunity for you to connect with others going through a similar journey. 

After Cancer Treatment

The After Cancer Treatment resources from Cancer Australia is useful if you are adjusting to life after cancer treatment. It can help you to find a new normal and to feel more in control of your health and wellbeing.  

There are a range of topics available such as relationships, breast protheses and reconstruction, and living well after cancer.  

There are also resources available here in languages other than English for you to check out – here is one example. 


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